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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Retain it for future reference All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Warning and Caution information is provided to alert the consumer of known dangers: Warning: To reduce the possibility of electric shock, do not expose your phone to high humidity areas, such as a bathroom, swimming area, etc. Page 5: Table Of Contents 1.

The bottom line of the display is an interactive menu accessed with the 3 Soft buttons just below the display. An intelligent switch, which implements voice packet priority, connects the two 2 ports. This permits the The following instructions describe how to perform a wall mount installation. The LCD is used to convey information to you. It provides the date, time and station number on the display while idle. The User can review the current network configuration or modify a new phone network configuration.

To access Network Config. Additionally, you may switch between the handset and Speakerphone during a call. By keeping the handset The following graphics show the front and rear view of each.

Page Receiving Calls Otherwise, you must press the flashing Flex button. You may press the Flex button to hear the caller as the voice message is stored. Page 27 Voicemail. Page Differential Ring Signals Differential Ring Signals When multiple phones in a small area ring, it can be difficult to tell which are ringing. Four of the tones are stored in the phone permanent memory; The Attendants may also cancel DND at other stations.

In addition, from a remote location, you must access the system through a When calling your Station, internal callers will automatically receive the selected message or you can send a text message you select in response to an internal call, Silent Text Message. There are also user operations such as pressing a button that will place a call in Automatic Hold.

Page Broker Call: Switching Between Two Calls You may switch between the active call and a call on Hold, placing the active call on Hold acting as a broker between two or more parties, Broker Call. As a further notification, a Message Wait Reminder Tone can be provided.

The Voice Mail system allows access to and management of received voice messages.

download ipecs phone system manual

Page 56 4. Page Remote System Access Dial as needed for the desired system resource. Page Misc. A LOG Soft button provides simple access to incoming calledoutgoing dialed and missed lost calls.

In addition, a recorded message from the VMIM can be used. MOH is played to callers placed on Hold. Users separately log-in or log-out of any one or all PTT groups to which the phone is assigned. When accessing a CO line, the phone will act as an extension of the host, allowing access to the host system features using the host dial codes.Quick Links.

LIP Series. Please read this user guide carefully before. Retain it for future reference. Table of Contents. Page 3 The information furnished by Ericsson-LG Enterprise in this material is believed to be accurate and reliable, but is not warranted to be true in all cases. Document Information Issue Page Page 8 [EU] Product figures and screen images used in this guide could be changed without notice for quality improvement.

Page Phone Layout And Functions 1. Page 14 7. Flexible buttons: Assigns as Line or feature in Phone configuration. Page Wall Mount 1. The following instructions describe how to perform a wall mount installation.

Align the wall-mount bracket not included over the back of the phone, then press the bracket forward applying steady pressure until it clicks into place. You can place the phone and button kit on your desktop or you can wall-mount them. Up to three different types of button kits are supported on a single phone. The upper section, which consists of a single line, displays station number, various icons, time and flexible button page number. Page 21 Wake Up icon, indicates one or more alarms are saved.

Missed call icon, indicates one or more missed calls. The Display Menu is activated using the Menu button. To input characters: — Press the DND button to delete a character. Profile Profile Number 1. Network Configuration 1. MAC Address 2.

LG IPECS Speed Dial Programming

Web Password 2. Network Mode 3. Set to Default 1. Current Profile 3. IP Address 2. All Profiles 4. Subnet Mask 1. Additionally, you may switch between the handset and Speakerphone during a call. By keeping the handset Off-hook, the Group Listen feature is activated, which provides incoming audio over the speaker with outgoing audio from the handset.

The 2 buttons in the bottom are used to navigate between the pages. Page Receiving Calls Otherwise, you must press the flashing Flex button. You may terminate screening, leaving the caller in voice mail to record a message, talk with the caller and record the conversation in the mailbox, or answer the call and disconnect the Voicemail.

Page 33 A.

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Internal callers will receive a fast busy tone and the display will show the DND status.Options UCE Desktop. Voicemail User Portal. Company Manager Portal. Voicemail Services Manager Portal. User Manager Portal. User Setup Manager Portal. User Phone Configuration Manager Portal. User Feature Configuration Manager Portal.

iPECS Knowledge Base

Vertical Customer Portal. Answer a Call Do one of the following: Pick up the handset. Press the Speaker button. If you are using a headset, press the main button on the headset or press the Headset button on the phone.

End a Call Do one of the following: Hang up the handset.

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If you are using the speakerphone, press the Speaker button again. If you are using a headset, press the main headset button, or press the Headset button on the phone.

download ipecs phone system manual

Callback If an extension is busy when you call it, you can request a callback when the extension is available. When you receive a callback, a call is placed to the previously-busy extension. You can only request a single callback at a time. Request a Ca Call Forward You can set a single call forwarding location for all calls, or set different locations for specific scenarios: Unconditional Forward: All incoming calls are forwarded immediately.

Your handset does not ring first. Busy Forward: Inc Call Log Your Call Log contains a record of all of your incoming, outgoing, busy and missed calls. Use the directional buttons to scroll thro Call Backs are not subject to Call Pickup. Direct Call Pickup Lift the handset or press the Speaker button.

Enter feature code fQuick Links Download this manual. You may also use pick up codes assigned by your installer engineer to answer other ringing handsets.

LG-Ericsson LDP-9224D User Manual

Once you have the outside line, dial your number. Press the DND button when a call comes in - the caller will get a busy tone. LCD Screen: Displays your phones status, dialing. Soft keys: Soft keys are interactive, changing function. Direction keys: use direction keys to scroll through the. Speed: assign or use assigned speed dial numbers. Directory: Accesses your private or public directory for. You can. Use to allow you to forward all calls to another number.

Call Back: when a light shows on the call back button.

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Mute: mute the call so that the caller cannot hear your. Also, use to. In menu mode, it saves your inputs. Headset: when a headset is connected, toggle call. Flexible Button 'Flex key' : a line or feature can be. Volume control: adjust the ring, headset, handset, and. The button will automatically illuminate. Table of Contents. Soft keys: Soft keys are interactive, changing function based on the phones status. Print page 1 Print document 2 pages. Cancel Delete.

Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.Quick Links. See also: Quick Manual. Table of Contents. Retain it for future reference Warning and Caution information is provided to alert the consumer of known dangers: Warning: To reduce the possibility of electric shock, do not expose your phone to high humidity areas, such as a bathroom, swimming area, etc.

Introduction 1. The following image shows the LIPE. LIPE Front and Back Features are generally accessed using programmed fixed, or flexible buttons, dial pad buttons, or dial codes entered from the dial pad.

download ipecs phone system manual

Speed — Access speed dialing, speed programming. Receiving Calls 2. Receiving 2. Your phone assigned Ringing Line Preference; in this case, calls that ring are answered by lifting the handset. While busy, certain stations can activate Voice-Over to your phone.

iPECS LIP-9010 User Manual

When used audio is received from both the active call and the Voice Over announcement. Respond to any of these Off-hook Signals by: placing the existing call on Hold and responding to the new incoming call, activating One-time DND, sending a Silent Text Message, or ignoring the new call.

Attendants may also cancel DND at other stations. Placing Calls 3. You may also use Step Call; dial the next station by dialing just the last digit of the Intercom number. When entering a Speed Dial, a 16 character name may be associated with the number for Dial by Name. Call Handling 4. Call 4. You can screen the transfer with the receiving party Screened Call Transfer or complete the transfer without screening Unscreened Call Transfer.

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