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In this guide, we will go over the airbag warning lights means on a Hyundai. How to perform airbag light reset and common causes that can trigger Hyundai airbag light. A common problem Hyundai owners experience is the airbag light staying on constantly. The airbags in your car may not deploy in case of an accident. Under normal operation, the airbag light in your instrument cluster will turn on for about five seconds when you turn on the ignition.

The Airbag System does a quick self-check of all the sensors and components. If no problems are found the airbag light on your Hyundai should turn off. If there are any problems with any of the components, the light stays on. Before you start troubleshooting the airbag light on your Hyundai, we recommend that you verify with your Hyundai dealer to check if your vehicle is still under warranty. If your Hyundai is still under warranty your dealer may repair your car free of charge.

Generic OBD2 scanners, can not read airbag fault codes. Note that certain codes cannot be erased if you haven't fixed the problem that triggered the airbag light in the first place.

In other words, if an internal fault code is active or if a crash is recorded you won't be able to turn off the airbag light until you address these problems. To read and clear the airbag light on your Hyundai you will need an OBD II diagnostic scanner that can retrieve airbag codes. Many Hyundai owners try to turn off the airbag light using a generic OBD-II code reader, but such scanners can't reset Hyundai airbag light.

When you scan the airbag module you will get a fault code that states that under-voltage was detected by the airbag control unit. Make sure you replace your old battery or fix any alternator problems. Otherwise, the airbag warning light will turn back on. In certain Hyundai models, the seat belt buckle sensor wears out and eventually triggers the airbag warning light.

This is because the microswitch inside the seat belt buckle wears out over time and eventually fails to function properly. The least expensive way to fix this problem is to replace the seat belt buckle. Side impact airbag sensor can be the culprit in some cases. The sensor is installed in the B-pillar or door panel.

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If the side impact sensor fails it will need to be replaced. Check the resistance of the side impact sensor. It should be between 1. Once the sensor is replaced, clear the fault codes as described in this article.

Often times you may get a code that states airbag module high resistance or open circuit. These fault codes can be for the driver airbag, passenger airbag, side airbag, curtain airbag, seat belt pre-tensioner and anchor pre-tensioner. If you get such a code the first thing that you should do is use a digital multi-meter and check the resistance of the offending airbag. It should be in the range of 1.

We often find that the problem is not the airbag but the writing to the faulty airbag. For example, if you get driver airbag open circuit or high resistance in most cases the Hyundai airbag is not the problem but the clock spring may be the issue.

Under the bottom cushion of the passenger seat of your Hyundai, you will find a weight sensor. Hyundai calls this Weight Classification System WCS and its main purpose is to detect if a light person or child is seating in the front passenger seat.

These sensors fail over time and often trigger the airbag light to illuminate on the dashboard of your Hyundai.Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by news, Sep 17, Hyundai Forums. Airbag light, B, and ghetto mechanics Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by news, Sep 17, Hi people. Well, today, I finally picked up my car from this so-called alternator shop.

I've never known an "alternator shop" to take 1 month with anything, but with hesitation I picked it up free of charge. Hesitation you say? Yes, hesitation. As soon as I turned on the car I noticed the air-bag light was on. Naturally, I flipped the hell out.

hyundai b162000

The guy's had the mechanic for a month, in a shop in the 'hood', with a bunch of hoodrat mechanics, and now all of a sudden I've got my airbag light on? I know what that can mean. I know that when I dropped off my car there was no airbag light. I know that when I dropped off my car, there was a "gap" on the driver side ABS cover in the steering wheel that the plastic wasn't sitting down right and now it's lying flat.

I know enough to be concerned. I took it to the Hyundai shop tonight right away. They say this is an airbag module. How would I check to see if my car actually has it's airbags. I'm naturally concerned. I know that no consumer advocacy group can do a thing because despite it taking a month to get the alternator fixed in this alternator shop, I still got it fixed for free in warranty. But if I can find out that this guy or one of his goons stole my airbag, I would be happy to do whatever I can to him.

They say center console but I know that depending on who you ask that could be under the storage compartment or it could be behind the HVAC controls. IF it is a blown module, is it safe to get a replacement from a junkyard I know what you're going to say about driving with used safety parts. And I know I'm a cheapass, and you probably all know this buy now as well.

I'm not seeing where it's going to be worth it to drop that much money on this car at this point. It's a Sonata V6. They probably stole your airbags and control module and stuck some bogus ones in there. Only way to tell would be to remove them and see if the bagging material is still ok.

Why'd you go to a ghetto shop anwyays? Paradox, Sep 18, Did you file a police report????? That should have been the first thing you did.

Airbag light on continuously, easy fix

Go on record that there's a problem with the shop and get them put on notice. Next the BBB for your city.

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Next get a reputable if you can find one shop to verify that the airbags are either gone or replaced with bogus ones. Next I hate to say it it is lawyer time. Obama is a lawyer and come November he won't have anything to do so he can relate to his ghetto friends. There's a near zero chance someone stole any of your air bags.Login or Sign Up Log in with.

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I really appreciate that. Don't know what happened to our smart-prog today. Hi Grucha Hi pertel I don't know yet. I've sent a unit back to customer. He said he is going to let me know in a week or two ones he finishes the car. Hi pertel could you send me the password of your clear file. Hi But Can this cleared file work with my vehicle or its should be cleared form the same unit?

Infineon XCA - 72F. The clear File is for your Airbag Module, So send me the password of fthe rar file please. Previous Next.

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August Are you able to offer the name of a service representative or service invoice number which would help me open that dialogue with them?

I'm just getting nervous since the conversation with Hyundai of America Diana the Claim Manager did not go very well for me as she indicated that there is no "formal" recall for this, however I did see several other posts for identical issues round the net and just made a formal compliant at safercar. Any additional details would be appreciated I will try to call your dealership in the morning. I spoke with your dealership this morning and this is what they would need to research any type of claim number to have the repair approved.

Thank you in advance. I checked with my dealeship and they will not release any information even if I authorize it. There is a transmitter built into the passenger seat that controls part of the air bag system that detects the weight of thepassenger.

Since it is built into the seat you have to replace the entire seat. I don't know if you have the same problem but that was ours. November I am glad I did some research. We are now having the same problem and even though we bought the extended warranty we are being told that the seat belt is not covered.

I fully intend to call Hyundai back and discuss this rampant problem with them. It is unsafe and not a part that wears out from use.A class action lawsuit was filed in May against Hyundai that claims the 2. More info here. So how do you find out what problems are occurring?

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Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page. Add Complaint. My air bag light came on. Several months ago I went to the dealership because I received a recall notice.

I had one of the serviceman look it up and he said he had to order the part. When it comes in he was going to give me a call. I never received a call and the dealership been shut down because of title fraud. I believe the fraud dealership took my car off the list before fixing the problem. I just want my car fix so my son and I can drive safe.

hyundai b162000

No airbags deployed driver, passenger, nor side nor did the seat belts properly restrain occupants driver nor 3 passengers. The contact owns a Hyundai Sonata. The contact stated that the driver and passenger side air bags failed to deploy. The contact stated that the driver swerved to the right to avoid a crash.

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As a result, the vehicle drove in a ditch. The vehicle was driven out of the ditch and crashed into a pole. The driver and passenger side air bags failed to deploy. The driver suffered injuries to the face, mouth, chin, neck, and a bruised forehead. Medical attention was received. Police report number: was filed. The vehicle was towed. The manufacturer and dealer were not contacted. The cause of the failure was not determined. The approximate failure mileage was 93, Search CarComplaints. My air bag light is on and will not go off, I searched up recalls and it's not on there but I do not feel safe driving my disabled children in this vehicle!

The red airbag warning light came back on again and stayed on at all speeds and when parked.I had a KIA Optima come in from a body shop to repair the air bag after collision. I realize that the vehicle info says Sorento but I. I pulled the trouble code B ACU coding error. I called local dealer to get the code TFA4 but was also able to get the code using the automatic procedure with GDS connected to internet as well.

I double check the code and it failed again. You want to make sure that all faults in the old module except crash data are corrected first.

You can also retrieve the ACU code from the old module and use it to code the new module as long as the part is the exact same. The ACU code is the as built code for air bag system. In my case the body shop had thrown away the old module and the car had miles on it so every part looked new and I was told had been replaced. I went to local dealer and they had four of same model.

I check the V. After asking very nicely and explaining my situation. I installed my new module in one of their new cars and the ACU code worked fine. I then took my coded module back to shop and installed in the body shop car. It now would list the current faults for driver side belt and buckle. I replace both parts and issue was solved. Kia air bag Codes Thought this might help the next guy. Member Benefits. Files Referenced:. All rights reserved.Rear Hub - Carrier.

Components and Components Location Components 1. Rear carrier assembly 2. Parking brake assembly 3.

hyundai b162000

Rear hub assembly 4. Rear brake disc Front Seat Assembly. Repair procedures Replacement 1. Remove the front seat track mounting cover. After loosening the mounting bolts, remove the front seat assembly A. Manuals New Top Sitemap Search manuals. Repair procedures. Removal 1. Remove the ignition key from the vehicle. Disconnect the battery negative cable and wait for at least three minutes before beginning work. Turn the ignition switch ON; the SRS indicator light should be turned on for about six seconds and then go off.

SRSCM is sensing the vehicle rollover. Also, perform the lateral G sensor 0 point setup. In this case, charge the battery before anything else, and then perform the variant coding procedure. Components and Components Location Components They are remote sensors that detect acceleration due to a collision at its mounting location. The primar See also: Rear Hub - Carrier. Remove the floor console. Loosen the bolts and then remove the rear air vent duct A. Tightening torque : 7.

Install the rear air vent duct and floor console. Reconnect the battery negative cable. Select Variant coding mode. Follow steps on the screen as below.